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Are you a businessman who feels…?

Your current branding is outdated and doesn’t bring any real value to your business.
Something is missing in your brand, but you cannot pinpoint what it is.
You are multi-passionate, and it’s hard to represent yourself without confusing anyone.
Your brand could be so much more than what it currently is and you're ready to tap into your full potential.
You've been winging things for too long in your brand and you've now hit a wall.

You have what it takes, Now it’s just time to show them

The underline is that it’s not what you present, but how and why do you do it? What is the core of the business and what is the reason it runs? If you do that perfectly, it’s a win – win situation.

Identifying the purpose and working in that direction
This might be the most crucial part of the journey. This is like laying out the base before constructing a building. If the base is not strong, the building will fall the same as how your plan will fail if your why is not clear.
A thorough customer research
Who are you selling to, talking to or interacting with? It is very important to know this, otherwise it would be like diving in a pool, not knowing the depth.
Creating a voice and personality
Individuality plays a huge role here. Your own voice, your own identity. Maybe you might be saying the same thing as 5 other companies, but in the end what matters is not what you say but how you say it.
Increasing awareness around your brand
There should be a certain hype about what you are doing among your customer base. If your message is not reaching the right people, all your efforts are in vain.
Setting your brand value
Your brand value is set up by you, not the people. When people go to buy a BMW, they don’t complain that a TATA is much cheaper, because they know what a BMW is worth. But this worth was set up by BMW itself and no other NTT.
Do you feel it too?
Your current brand is outdated and cannot reach the people anymore. You’ve kind of lost touch in the market. Want to make a comeback? Want to represent yourself, pure and raw without confusing your audience?

Creative Branding & Design Services

A brand needs to establish a relationship with their audience. I will help you reach that distance and cross that bridge from company to brand.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Without a plan, all your efforts would go in vain. You need to channelize your moves so as to secure your brand name.
Branding or Rebranding
Brand Naming & Taglines
Positioning & Messaging
Brand Story & Purpose
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Brand Design

Brand Design

The aesthetic value of your company should relate to your audience. Designing it in a sustaining yet appealing way is what we believe in.
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Brand Style Guides
Branded Touch Points
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Brand Growth

Brand Growth

Connecting with your customers while converting maximum leads is what your aim should be and that is exactly what we will do.
Social Media Branding
Packaging Design
Experience Design
Web Design
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Case Study

Karghanee The Yarns Of India

When dealing with a handloom company, I had to see to it that it had to maintain both the attributes of classic and elegance. It could not tilt on either side and had to have a perfect balance. After careful research and work, I can say that it was perfectly achieved.

Brand Strategy & Brand Messaging
Brand Identity Design
Brand Touchpoints Design
Social Media Marketing
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Years Experience
Author of “The Designful Company”

Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

Marty Neumeier
Author of “The Designful Company”

The work delivered by Vivek in terms of logo design, brand identity creation and marketing communication was up to the mark and we are very satisfied with it. We highly recommend his services for future projects. The innovation brought to the project was advanced and unlikely to be seen anywhere else.

Rahul Kaushik
Managing Director, CNet Solutions

Vivek has been with our company from the very beginning. He helped me shape my dream project and I can say with confidence that he delivered what I wanted to say. His approach was trendy, innovative and fun! Looking forward to working with him again.

Yashada Potphode
Owner and Co-founder, Amayra Couture

Great professionalism from Vivek during the entire process of branding for my new venture. Striking design ideas and conceptualization of the same along with timely delivery was of paramount importance and Vivek made sure all the boxes were ticked. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors.

Hrushikesh Pingale
Director, Cognate Composites Private Limited

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