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Branding & Web
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For a company that is directly B to B, you need to have an impactful identity for people to come to you and actually convert as customers. This was my biggest challenge and I really resurfaced with the best branding techniques for them.
Overall challenges

There are so many products that this company provides that it is not possible for a customer to remember them all. So instead of making the customers aware of their services, I planned to make their brand identity so strong that the products will sell themselves once people visit them.

Chosen Approach

Cognate Composites both have the same letters in the beginning if you see. I planned to start with that as a lot of creative inputs could be used in that direction.

Their prime business is high-quality plastic components. When you say plastic and material, a simple yet catchy colour palette goes better with the theme. Thus I settled on white and red; one is subtle and one is raunchy. The logo was chosen for the same colour.

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The final part is how you sell your brand to the people. All about brand marketing. The website had to be easy to access and not very complicated. When there’s a lot of material to provide, it is a responsibility to make sure that it is easy to look at otherwise the customer can get baffled with too many options. Communicating with the customer on all levels, from color palettes to the website layout, there are many forms of communication at play. The logo was also finalized as a red symbol and grey text. The classic combination for such a business.

Identity Design (Logo, color pallet, typography, illustration)
Marketing & Communication Design ( Stationery Design)
Website Revamp

I designed and articulated an identity model fit for their B2B market. I chose a modern approach that was formal as well as vivacious at the same time. Branding is not a luxury but a mandatory necessity in today’s day and age; this was perfectly understood by them when I convinced them and we could get on the same page. I had to take care that they got the chance to overcome their previous identity and make a new name for themselves.

When dealing with companies who are more into material and manufacturing, they have to be convinced that branding is a necessity and not a luxury. That was my first battle and after winning that, things became easier and interesting.

Great professionalism from Vivek during the entire process of branding for my new venture. Striking design ideas and conceptualization of the same along with timely delivery was of paramount importance and Vivek made sure all the boxes were ticked. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors.

Hrushikesh Pingale
Director, Cognate Composites Private Limited

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