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  • The exact costs cannot be derived as it varies from every brand. But a tentative number can be given out just for calculation’s sake. Every brand’s goals, needs and agenda vary and thus the costing will be different. Don’t worry, there won’t be any dinosaur prices so you can rest easy.
  • All you would have to do is give me a call prior to your planning so that I can figure out how to decide the ‘how’ and ‘what’. I believe money talks are best on the phone. So without any delay and further awkwardness, let’s get started.
  • When I say branding, there are all different categories that come into play. They differ with every brand according to their need and scope. Primarily we can jot down these things when it comes to branding –
  • Planning (On-call & Face To Face)
  • Growth Structure
  • Visuals and Graphics
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Identity Establishment
  • The most crucial part of this journey isn’t the brand building part, but it is the identification step. Where your company has been, where you want it to be and what kind of identity you want your brand to have. Perception of your brand is everything. 
  • I’ll discuss this in detail on our call, in person as well if deemed necessary. This discussion will help us sort things out, understand the depth and help in our brand direction. It’ll be like setting a horoscope for your brand.
  • There is no use in hasting the process for branding. There is a lot of research that goes into it and many careful steps that need to be taken. Completing the derivables usually takes around 3-4 weeks after which implementation can be started. 
  •  A detailed discussion with the client, jotting down everything, creating a roadmap, strategy and visuals based on the discussion, revising and delivery are all part of the game plan.
  • Ads play an important role in marketing. I can say that they are just as important as branding. But branding is the backbone of all this. Without branding, all your ads and marketing would have no direction. 
  • It can be said that without branding, there is no structure to your marketing. It is a hand-in-hand relationship. Both need each other to survive and grow. 
  • I’ll say that a catchy logo will come under visual identity. A logo is just an element but the visual identity of the brand is a whole umbrella under which many things can fall.
  • Typefaces, fonts, colours, story, mascot, illustrations, animations, slogans and finally the Logo. The logo can be said as the alpha of all these elements which come under visual identity.
  • This would be like saying, give me the Ferrari without any fuel or give me a mobile phone without a sim card. What use is it if you can’t feel its essence? 
  • If you are taking a step towards growing your brand, might as well go all in. Just one step won’t climb the cliff. If you want the view, you will need to cover all the steps.
  • Basically, branding is no different, your logo would be the unique identifier without using your name anywhere, but if you want to create an identity just one layer won’t be enough. It needs to have all the bottom layers as well if you want it truly to be a ‘BRAND’.
  • Of course, there is no obligation here. But an ‘only logo’ plan will only seem profitable in the short run. If you are in it for the long run, might as well play all the cards.
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • And Search Engine Optimization

These services are provided by TheWit Agency owned by Vivek. These are services that can be availed to enhance and give it an elevated touch to your brand and further.

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